Prof. Dr. Viktor Stein

Working area(s)

Protein Engineering


work +49 6151 16-21947

Work B2|05 208
Schnittspahnstrasse 12
64287 Darmstadt


Engineering Signalling and Transport Functions

Our primary research interests focus on the construction of artificial sensory and transport systems. To this end, our lab (i) develops foundational technologies for protein engineering to facilitate the construction of proteins with tailored properties and functions, (ii) dissects the structure-function relationships underlying artificially engineered proteins, (iii) maps their evolutionary transitions and trajectories, and (iv) develops molecular tools for different applications in biotechnology, biomedicine and basic research. We are tackling these problems using a combination of molecular genetics, protein biochemistry and high-resolution biophysical methods including fluorescence microscopy, electrophysiology and microfluidics.