Prof. Dr. Andreas Blaeser


work +49 6151 16-22780

Work S1|10 203
Magdalenenstr. 2
64289 Darmstadt


3D Bioprinting Lab

3D-Bioprinting is a digitalized biofabrication technology that applies the concepts of additive manufacturing to generate tissue precursor. Living cells embedded in a hydrogel matrix, referred to as bioink, are printed layer-by-layer to reconstruct the tissue of interest’s macro anatomy. Following the printing process the precursor structures are cultivated for several weeks in dedicated bioreactors or in a host organism to mature and form a biofunctional tissue unit.

The Bioprinting Lab of the Center for Synthetic Biology is located at the Institute for BioMedical Printing Technology at TU Darmstadt. Within this innovative 3D biofabrication park leading scientists and partners from industry investigate and develop the technological basis for transferring synthetic, bioprinted tissues into applications. In this context synthetic biology represents a synergetic field of research that allows the previous limits and the application spectrum of current 3D bioprinting approaches to be significantly expanded.