Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Thomas Weiland Foundation currently announces scholarships for Bachelor and Master students twice a year (November for the following summer semester, April for the following winter semester) in the amount of 750 € per month over three years (for the Bachelor) and two years (for the Master). The application deadline is December 31 and June 30, respectively. The scholarship starts on April 1 for the summer semester and on October 1st for the winter semester.

Details and funding conditions will be published on the foundation's homepage on the respective call dates.

The sponsorship amounts to 750 EUR per month and is intended for the entire period of the Bachelor's or Master's program at the TU Darmstadt (i.e. for six or four semesters).

The main criteria for funding are the STEM orientation of the students and their academic performance. Only then will the Board of Trustees apply criteria such as social and community involvement or interdisciplinary orientation. This means that you are eligible for funding if your performance in the upper secondary school / A-levels or your academic achievements are clearly above average and if your studies have references to mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology and/or engineering.

Specific questions about the Bachelor scholarships

As the Bachelor scholarship is a new format, it will initially (i.e. in 2020) only be valid for the study programmes of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. These are: Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Information Systems Engineering, Mechatronics, Medical Engineering.

If taking up a course of study at TU Darmstadt is an option you are seriously considering, an application makes sense. The Foundation will make every effort to finalize the selection decision before the end of the enrollment period so that you can include in your decision on where to study whether a scholarship is available for you to study at the TU Darmstadt.

The Board of Trustees of the Thomas Weiland Foundation at the TU Darmstadt has decided to place excellent achievements in school and studies at the centre for the selection of scholarship holders. They should therefore be able to demonstrate outstanding achievements, especially in the mathematical and scientific subjects, in order to be considered for funding.

Specific questions about the Master's scholarships

The scholarships are valid for all courses of study that have a connection to mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology and/or engineering. A specific selection of courses of study is not specified. The decisive factor is that you can credibly prove that you have dealt with relevant mathematical-technical-scientific questions during your previous and further studies.

Grading cultures vary from subject to subject and from university to university. Thus, the grade itself has limited information about academic performance – in some courses of study, students already rank among the best with “good”, while elsewhere only students with the best grade are really in the top ranks. In order to avoid unfair grading, the Foundation asks for a document that allows the applicant's grades to be classified in the respective degree programme. This could be, for example, a letter from the Office of Student Affairs or the Examination Office about the ranking in the respective year or the current average grade in combination with statistics about the distribution of grades. The Foundation does not want to make more precise specifications at this point, as the examination offices and the study offices issue very different certificates.

If a certificate is not available, please explain this in your cover letter and include at least proof of your current level of performance.

At the time of application, students do not have to be enrolled at the TU Darmstadt. However, only those who are registered at the TU Darmstadt at the time of application can be sponsored. Therefore, an application only makes sense if you are considering taking up studies at the TU Darmstadt (or continuing your studies, if you are already enrolled at the TU Darmstadt). However, the Foundation will make every effort to complete the selection decision before the end of the enrolment period so that you can be included in the decision for the place of study as to whether a scholarship is available to you for studying at the TU Darmstadt.

Sponsorship is only possible from the 1st semester of a Master's program. For this reason, scholarships are announced for the summer and winter semester of each academic year in order to offer all students the same chances of receiving support.