Foerdermoeglichkeiten Thomas Weiland Stiftung

Funding in 2019


For the year 2019, the Thomas Weiland Foundation will be awarding

eight scholarships for Master’s students amounting to 500 euro monthly

The funding will be granted for a period of four semesters.

Students can submit their scholarship applications by 31st December 2018 or 30th June 2019, respectively (as a pdf file) to the Executive Board of the Thomas Weiland Foundation at the following email address:

The application documents should include the following:

  • Letter of application which describes the applicant’s education so far, future educational plans, and their significance to the STEM field
  • CV and documents showing the applicant’s most important school and academic achievements, as well as any contributions to socially worthy projects
  • Transcript of all university course marks including applicant’s ranking within the course for the year or semester of graduation (statement of ranking usually issued by course or examination office).

Further details regarding funding opportunities can be found here.