Tongji Partnership: Timeline - important events of the partnership

Timeline – important events of the partnership

Year(s) Event
1934-1937: Darmstadt professor and former rector Erich Wilfried Reuleaux is dean of the department for technology at Tongji University.
1938-1946: The future Tongji rector Li Guohao writes his PhD dissertation and posdoctoral thesis (“Habilitation”) at the then TH Darmstadt and conducts several research projects.
1977: The cultural revolution comes to an end, Li Guohao becomes rector of Tongji University and promotes the international opening of the university.
1979: Visit of a delegation of Tongji University in Darmstadt and of a German delegation at Tongji University in Shanghai.
1980: Signing of a “General Agreement regarding the mutual promotion of scientific research and education” betwenn TH Darmstadt and Tongji UNiversity. It is the first cooperation agreement between a university in the People's Republic of China and an insitute of technology in Germany.
1980s: Start of collaborations in the fields of architecture, urban planning as well as traffic planning between Tongji University and TH Darmstadt, foundation of the Institute for German Studies at Tongji University and extension of the cooperation to humanities and social sciences.
1990s: Further extension of the partnership to the areas of automotive engineering, vocational education as well as linguistics and literature science.
1997: The TU Darmstadt professor Hans-Christian Pfohl holds a university professorship at the newly established Chinesisch-Deutsches Hochschulkolleg (CDHK).
2008: Summer school in Shanghai about Work Safety and start of the cooperation between the Institut für Baubetrieb of TU Darmstadt and Tongji School of Economics and Management.
2010: At the Expo in Shanghai the results of the joint BMBF-Project “Semicentralized supply and disposal systems for fast-growing urban areas” are presented.
2010: TU Darmstadt organizes a celebration of and exhibition about the 30-year long partnership between the two universities. The general cooperation agreement is renewed and several new cooperation agreements are signed.
2011: TU Darmstadt Day at Tongji University in Shanghai.
2013: The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) chooses the partnership between TU Darmstadt and Tongji University as well as the Thematic Network “Clean Water China and Southeast Asia” between TU Darmstadt, Tongji University and other universities in Asia for a funding program and supports each project for four years with means from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
2013: Tongji Day at TU Darmstadt