Archiving research data

Choosing the right data archive

The Registry of Research Data Repositories, or for short, is the right tool for finding the right archive for your own data, with useful search and filter functions (including disciplines, countries, data types, identifiers used, modes of use).

Re3data is the leading international directory of research data repositories. Over 23500 research data archives from all disciplines and countries are currently (2020) listed there.


TUdatalib is the institutional repository of the TU Darmstadt for research data created or worked with at the TU. Further information .

An important basis for the secure handling of research data is the sharing of data in the ongoing project between different people and end devices.

The widely used commercial providers of sync&share services (e.g. Dropbox) cannot guarantee the demands for security, confidentiality and access protection that are necessary for scientific data.

We therefore recommend the use of Hessenbox-DA. Here you have 100 GB of storage space as an employee of the TU Darmstadt and 30 GB as a student. The Hessenbox stores your data at the University of Gießen, all data transfers are encrypted.

Archiving and Publication of Research Data

Exchanging large amounts of data via GigaMove

The TU Darmstadt enables participation in the exchange platform for large amounts of data GigaMove, which is operated at RWTH Aachen University. For large files that cannot be sent as email attachments due to their size, this file exchange platform is a good solution.

Users who want to distribute a file can upload it and then send a download link to the recipients. Conversely, it is also possible to request a file from another user. In this case, a link is sent to a form in which the file can be uploaded.

The uploaded files are kept for 7 days by default, but for a maximum of 14 days, and then deleted from the server. A maximum of 100GB per file is allowed to be uploaded; a total of 1 TB per user is available free of charge for the provision of files.