TUdatalib – TU Darmstadt's research data repository

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TUdatalib is the institutional repository of the TU Darmstadt for research data that were created at the TU or that were used at the TU.

TUdatalib enables structured storage of research data and descriptive metadata, long-term archiving (at least 10 years) and – if desired – publication of metadata and/or files including DOI assignment. In addition, there is a fine-grained rights and role management.

TUdatalib is jointly operated by ULB and HRZ and is based on the open source software DSpace.

Access to TUdatalib

Service features: What TUdatalib offers you

  • Research groups can use TUdatalib to create data sets with research data and descriptive metadata and
    • … archive them (at least 10 years),
    • … share them with anyone else,
    • … publish them citable including DOI allocation and permanent storage.
  • TUdatalib allows the integration of rich metadata, the versioning of data sets and the integration with several other systems:
    • Assignment of data records to third-party funded projects
    • Links to publications (e.g. in TUbiblio or via DOI)
    • Linking of persons with ORCID
    • Automatic verification of the published data in data search engines (e.g. BASE, OpenAIRE)
  • TUdatalib enables and requires a detailed rights and role management based on the affiliation to TU Darmstadt's research groups.
    • At least two admins must be appointed per subject area, please contact the TUdata team ().
    • You can also configure review processes for data sets.
  • TUdatalib is especially suitable for files that are rarely accessed. The files are stored on tape storage systems in the HRZ. Accordingly, the access speeds for large and/or many files are significantly slower than with hard disk storage.

Who can use TUdatalib? How does the registration work?

  • The service has been available to all members of the TU Darmstadt since 2019 and can be used directly by accessing the URL tudatalib.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de .
  • During the login you have to authenticate yourself with your TU-ID. Usually you will be automatically assigned to your research group and can then use TUdatalib according to the rights granted to you by the research group's administrator. (See also the guide for administrators).
  • External users can register with their email address and must be activated by an administrator.
  • Non-registered users can only access freely available data sets.


TUdatalib has a RESTful API (programming interface) that allows the creation of data sets and the upload of files and metadata to be highly automated in order, for example, to import a large number of files or large files more easily and regularly.

You can reach the interface under: https://tudatalib.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/rest

We provide for their operation sample scripts in Python. You are welcome to use them, adapt them, implement them in other languages! We especially welcome commits to the GitLab with your code extensions.


  • The use of TUdatalib is free of charge for up to 2 TB total volume of new data per year and research group.
  • In the case of larger amounts of new data, a one-time cost sharing by the research group is required for the data volume exceeding 2 TB. This is currently 250 € / TB for 10-year archiving. Invoicing is handled by the HRZ.

Documents and instructions

Screencasts for individual operating steps in TUdatalib

Here you will find some screencasts that illustrate individual operating steps in TUdatalib. The screencasts are without sound.