TU President Tanja Brühl and Vice President Manfred Efinger to all TU members

Dear Members of TU Darmstadt, dear Students and dear Employees and Staff

Bildmontage: Links ein Porträt von Tanja Brühl, rechts ein Porträt von Manfred Efinger

Studying and working at TU Darmstadt are both characterised by personal encounters and interactions. Over the past months, all of us have largely had to do without these. Due to the pandemic, we transformed many teaching formats into digital ones. Much of the work at the university was done from home as mobile work instead and we only saw each other in virtual meetings more often than not. Looking back, we did quite well, actually, and a lot better than expected.

Starting on 01 September, we endeavour to return to pre-pandemic normalcy step by step. In the upcoming weeks, you will notice some relaxations on various fronts or will be given the opportunity to enjoy “working and being with others” again in person to some degree. This will be possible because the vaccination rate is rising. In addition, we all have had many opportunities over the past months to learn how to best and conscientiously handle this situation and to see that our hygiene and infection control concepts actually work.

During the winter semester 2021/22, many seminars, exercises and tutorials will take place on site at the university again and in accordance with our hygiene concepts. The buildings of TU Darmstadt will again be accessible for students during the day between 6 am and 8 pm. In accordance with the respective hygiene concepts, the TU Darmstadt’s Central Services, for example University IT-Service and Computing Centre (HRZ), Language Resource Centre (SPZ), the Offices for Student Affairs, In-house Training and Professional Development (POE) and Academic Bridging Courses, will be able to offer their courses, programmes and services on site again. The Information Desks at karo5 will open in the near future, too. In addition to mobile work from home, offices, workshops and laboratories will also be open for use by more than one person at a time again. This, however, requires prior consultation with the superiors in charge and everyone involved wearing medical masks and observing distancing regulations. These requirements apply regardless of having been vaccinated, tested or having recovered.

In general, the following applies: In all buildings of TU Darmstadt, observing the minimum distance rule and wearing medical masks are required. Having to wear medical masks applies in particular in all rooms occupied by more than one person.

Relaxations are important to us. To that end, we all must continue to pull together. It is important to act conscientiously and to watch out for the safety and good health of the people around us when moving around the university and studying and working here.

Professor Dr. Tanja Brühl, President, and Dr. Manfred Efinger, Vice President, Administration and Financial Affairs

Note: As soon as the respective presence offers, opening hours and start dates are set, the Corona information pages will be updated in the relevant sections.