The TU in corona times

The corona pandemic demands incisive restrictions from us – but we seek and find creative solutions for everyday work, for studies, teaching and research, and for personal exchange through digital networking. On this website you will find stimulating information about the diverse activities on campus, as well as important current regulations and binding information. Keep checking back, because in these dynamic times, decisions are constantly being reviewed and adjusted where necessary. This website is updated on a regular basis.


Most important rules for responding to COVID-19 at TU Darmstadt

  • It is still advisable to shift presence on-campus work to mobile work as far as possible.
  • The AHA+L rules (i.e. keeping a minimum distance, observing hygiene measures, wearing a mask and ventilating regularly) must be observed always and everywhere – even when just having been tested!
  • Could you be infected or are you infected with COVID-19? If so, please inform our TU support team immediately by email: . You can contact the support team even on weekends and public holidays in case of questions about corona/COVID-19. Team members will give advice based on the current specifications and recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and the Gesundheitsamt (local health department) on how best to proceed. We also ask vaccinated and recovered persons to consult with the support team.
  • If you are currently or have been in direct contact with an infected person, for instance in your household, you are deemed a “1st degree contact person”. In this case, you must stay at home and keep your distance from other people.
  • Testing at medical facilities or testing centres is only conclusive five days after contact with an infected person. Should your time of contact be less than five days ago: Stay at home even if you test negative! The support team () will assist you in case of questions.
  • Check the „Corona webpage“ of TU Darmstadt regularly (preferably daily) for new information.
  • Observe the rules and information provided in the Hygiene and infection control concept of TU Darmstadt and in the Guide. These documents are continuously updated to reflect the current pandemic situation.

Do you have any questions? We have a competent team that can help you promptly. You can reach them by e-mail at .

Latest information about COVID-19

on the duration of quarantine and isolation can be found on the websites of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration (HMSI).

For regulations and decisions of the state government of Hesse, please go to the website of the Hessian State Chancellery and (both in German). For decisions of the city of Darmstadt, please go to the website of the city of Darmstadt.