The TU in corona times

On this website you will find important current regulations and binding information. This website is updated on a regular basis.

What is currently valid?

In February 2023, the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance expired and the Coronavirus Basic Protection Measures Ordinance – CoBaSchuV of the State of Hesse (opens in new tab) – is also no longer valid as of 7 April 2023. As a result, the regulations of the Hygiene and Infection Protection Concept of the TU Darmstadt 1.14 of 12.12.2022 and the coronavirus instructions for employees (as of 30.11.2022) are also no longer valid.

However, it is still valid:

1. You are infected with the coronavirus? Stay at home! This is how you protect other TU members from infection. The TU expects that members of the university who are infected with the coronavirus do not come to the TU. Those who are fit for duty despite being infected should work from home in a mobile capacity if possible. This applies to a corona infection as well as to all other illnesses and infections. Those who are ill should report to supervisors unfit for work or duty and seek medical treatment if necessary.

2. As the legal basis has changed, employees are no longer obliged to inform their superiors in the event of a proven infection with the coronavirus.

3. There is, of course, still a special duty of care towards employees with an increased individual risk of serious illness, as was the case before the pandemic.

4. The TU Darmstadt currently continues to provide all employees with masks and self-tests according to availability. These are ordered via the deaneries or management of central institutions and departments at Department III and distributed in their area. 6.

5. The legal possibility of caring for relatives in need of care will, as in the past, be provided on the basis of §§ 2, 9 of the Nursing Time Act (PflegeZG), if applicable in conjunction with § 16 no. 2c of the HGB. § 16 No. 2c of the Hessian Holiday Ordinance (HUrlVO).

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