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Information on the coronavirus

On this page, employees and staff of TU Darmstadt will find the most important regulations and instructions as well as frequently asked questions.

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For all members and guests

Information and regulations for all university members and guests can be found on a separate page.

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Video message on the current Corona situation

In their video message to the members of the TU Darmstadt, President Tanja Brühl and Vice-President Heribert Warzecha talk about the current situation and measures at the TU. Topics include examinations as well as the situation of employees. (english subtitles available soon)

Important regulations and notes

The TU Darmstadt is in close exchange with the Hessian Ministry of Science regarding a testing strategy for TU employees and students. Until a decision is made we ask for patience.

You will find the current “Instructions and Guidelines for Employees and Staff” by the Executive Board of Technical University of Darmstadt here (status 02 March 2021). This document contains regulations regarding the following topics: groups at risk, taking care of children and other dependent family members, working on site, mobile work and gatherings on official business, calling in sick, general rules on travelling, business travels, taking children along to work.

This concept is updated continuously (updated 22 March 2021). For more information refer to to the website of directorate IV – Real Estate.

Here you will find a compact summary (Updated January 2021) of how to respond responsibly and efficiently.

Due to the current situation, mobile work takes precedence over working on site and should be made available to employees and staff wherever feasible. Therefore, gatherings on official business should be avoided wherever possible. Telephone and video conferencing offer a good communication alternative.

Should a face-to-face gathering on official business be urgently required, we ask the supervisor/manager to subsequently report this gathering for docu-mentation purposes (). For any face-to-face gathering on official business, the supervisor/manager reports confidentially the number of participants, the duration and the location of the gathering and the reasons why it was necessary to meet in person. This documentation will be deleted following a retention period of four weeks.

For all briefings and staff meetings, wear a mouth-and-nose cover, limit the group size to a minimum, keep the meeting as short as possible and make use of a sufficiently large room. In addition, observe the hygiene and infection control concept.

In the coming months, please ensure that there is a sufficient and regular supply of fresh air in your workplace in order to reduce the risk of infection with the corona virus.

Please air the premises you use thoroughly and regularly – preferably when you start work and then several times a day for five to ten minutes at a time. This will reduce the number of possible pathogens in the form of fine droplets in the air. The most effective form of ventilation is ‘shock ventilation’ where the window is wide open. Hourly ventilation is recommended in offices and every 20 minutes in meeting rooms. Tilted windows only have a limited effect. Further information can be found in TU Darmstadt’s hygiene and infection protection plan.

If the room conditions on site do not allow you to ensure good indoor air circulation, please contact the support team at .

In rooms with air conditioning systems, separate ventilation is generally not possible; fresh air is automatically supplied via the air conditioning system.

Our working life has changed profoundly due to the corona crisis: Moving towards mobile work, while in parts having to take care of children at home as well, reducing face-to-face contacts to a minimum and so forth. All of this, no doubt, contributes to feeling overwhelmed and in urgent need of practical advice and assistance.

The TU’s Executive Board would like to explicitly point all employees and staff towards our proven support services provided by the Social Counselling & Conflict Management team. The team members will assist you competently by phone and, on request, by video conference as well.

The TU Darmstadt day-care centres guarantee regular care (under pandemic conditions) at the usual times. In addition, the TU Darmstadt offers employees and students the ad hoc care facility “Fluggis Abenteuer Land”. Further information can be found on the website of the Family Service.

Personnel and Organizational Development (POE) offers employees virtual opportunities for further education and training. The online offer is constantly expanded and made known on the POE website. The POE offers executives individual consulting around the topics of (virtual) leadership and cooperation, which also addresses the special challenges that can arise in the current situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Analysing the tracing results of the latest cases of infection requires a closer look at working in teams on site at the same time: Unless working on site in person is unavoidable, office rooms should be used in consultation with supervisors and colleagues as single workplaces only. Temporarily moving to other office rooms currently not in use can also be an option. Please check if you can reorganise your tasks to staggered working in smaller teams.

Workflows and working on site in person must be planned most carefully in workshops and laboratories at the university. The formation of teams working at different times on the basis of hygiene concepts is absolutely necessary to avoid a temporary, complete closing of an entire work area due to infection. Please observe the distancing rules at all times. Not maintaining a minimum distance to other people for reasons of occupational safety or to ensure operational workflows must be kept as brief as possible and everyone involved must wear their personal mouth-nose covers in such a case.

Authorised employees and staff may stay in university buildings between 6 am and 8 pm. Exceptions are possible to continue research projects and experiments and to secure essential operations.

Please use staircases whenever possible. When using a passenger lift, please wear a protective mouth-nose cover. Do not enter and use a passenger lift as a group. Use passenger lift alone, if possible.

Should you prefer to use your private vehicle instead of public transport to get to work, you may apply for a parking permit for the Ruthstraße or Lichtwiese car park respectively limited to three months.. Application parking permit

Please note the current opening hours of the parking garage Ruthsstraße.

Especially in the current crisis situation, our help is needed in many areas of society. All TU members who would like to get committed can find a recommendation from the Executive Board on the web pages of Department VII regarding areas which should be particularly supported.

For more information refer to the website of Directorate Human Resources.

Detailed information can be found in the “Instructions and Guidelines for Employees and Staff” , section 3.

In most cases, mobile work is possible with a university-provided mobile device. We have set up secure remote access to private mobile devices for a small number of employees and staff who do not have access to a university-provided mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Please take all necessary precautions and use your private devices responsibly to ensure that the IT systems of TU Darmstadt are not exposed to additional risks. Make sure to have the latest anti-virus software installed and updated regularly on your private devices. Be aware of the risks to TU Darmstadt when working with private devices. The HRZ has compiled the requirements to be met for using private devices on a webpage.

Please note as a TU member with staff management responsibilities, that your employees and staff members must indicate their consent to using their private devices for university work. Please inform them about the importance of data protection. Hence, data may only be stored and saved on Hessenbox and/or TU drives, but not on private devices of any kind. For staff in central administration, access to the central administration drives and to various databases (such as SAP ERP and HCM) is currently only permitted by using university-provided devices. Please contact the respective system administrators to clarify authorisations.

Employees and staff on mobile work are covered by the statutory accident insurance when working from home. There is no fully equipped home office with PC and telephone connection necessary. However, the tasks and work performed from home must be directly related to the insured job at the university. Hence, the accident insurance covers the full scope of activities directly linked to the job as if performed at the university. The insurance coverage does not include any activities away from your mobile work area and it does not include any activities relating to your personal, private life (e.g. ways to go to the toilet and to eat in the kitchen, such as interruptions to go shopping, sport activities, etc.). For additional information (in German only), please go to Unfallkasse Hessen (Hessian accident insurance company under public law).

ZOOM campus licence for students, employees and staff: More information, How-to-use handout and the statement of the Data Security Officerand a news on the subject (in German).

In case of sickness, employees and staff need to notify their supervisor/manager as usual on the first day of sickness. Please send in the required form „Krankmeldung“ (sick leave) electronically via email to the respective officer in charge at the Directorate VII. Please send in the form Gesundmeldung (recovered) via email as well. It is not necessary to sign these forms.

In case of sickness, employees and staff need to notify their office / place of work as usual on the first day of sickness. Should employees or staff be unable to work for more than three calendar days, they need to submit a medical certificate of incapacity to work including a likely duration of illness by the next working day at the latest. This complies with the general rule that was in place before the corona pandemic.

Follow this link (in German, page in English coming soon) to learn how you can handle recruitments currently under way and/or in planning, including job interviews, as things stand now.

The Directorate VII – Human Resources and Legal Affairs recommends using electronic communication methods more frequently. This also applies to applications for continued employment and recruitment. Please return the completed regular forms electronically via the official channels.

Please hand in applications to increase or reduce working hours, for parental leave, notifications of pregnancy and other matters (such as submitting birth certificates, marriage certificates, change of name, bank details and/or postal address) that are not linked to forms, as necessary, by email. There is no need for any specific form; however, to observe the official channels, please direct your email to the respective officer in charge at the Directorate VII,

Any leave already approved has to be taken.

Details here

There will be no “compulsory redundancies”, i.e. these contracts will not be terminated due to operational reasons. The same conditions as for employees and staff also apply to student assistants.

Therefore observe the current “Instructions and Guidelines for Employees and Staff” as well as the TU concept on hygiene and infection control.

Should mobile working still be necessary, supervisors/managers, employees and staff need to think about the kind of tasks that can be assigned even temporarily when working from home. These do not necessarily have to be tasks to keep up university operations. Please discuss this and share your ideas, be creative.

For more information, please visit the websites of Directorate VII – Human Resources & Legal Affairs.

Student assistants are employees of TU Darmstadt and are, therefore, required to render their services as any other employee and staff member at TU Darmstadt. If you, as supervisor/manager, are responsible and accountable for granting student assistants a locking authorisation for access to their workplaces, these student assistants can work in the building in your absence also. But even without such a locking authorisation, student assistants should be allowed access to the building to render their services even if you are not present at the time. We assume that this will be done in consultation with you. Existing occupational safety regulations regarding specific rooms and working environments remain unaffected, of course.

For more information regarding the amendment to this law (ceiling on fixed-term employment contracts with academic employees in qualifying positions) due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of the amendment at TU Darmstadt, refer to the website of directorate VII (in German).