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Information on the coronavirus

The summer semester 2020 will not be an ordinary semester. To make it easier for you to get started, we have compiled the most important regulations and information for students as well as frequently asked questions on this page.

Last Update: 4 June 2020, 6:30 p.m.

Update: FAQ > Changing degree programme/application > application deadlines and application winter semester 2020/21

Important regulations and information

Experimental Bachelor’s and Master’s theses are open for registration again starting 4 May 2020 at the earliest. However, supervisors have to agree to this and need to ensure that applicable hygiene regulations will be observed. Registration continues to be open for theory-based theses.

Final theses no longer need to be submitted in printed form. Submitting the text documents in time by uploading them electronically to the TUbama platform will be sufficient. The respective Office of Student Affairs will be informed about submissions automatically.

At the same time, kindly email a signed and scanned copy of your declaration of originality for your final thesis (for more information: Declaration about the thesis). You will receive a confirmation of receipt by email also.

Please do not upload to TUbama any files linked to your final thesis (such as programming codes or databases) that in the past were submitted on USB flash drives or CDs. The first assessor (reviewer) will tell you where to upload these files as necessary.

The courses in the summer semester 2020 are taught using digital formats. Traditional face-to-face courses requiring physical presence of students and instructors (such as laboratory work, excursions) will be possible again in exceptional cases starting 1 June 2020.

Social Counselling offers students support and advice by phone and email regarding issues such as job loss and financing, right of residence, housing or social security. You can also get in touch with the ComeTOgether student team by phone and email. Should more personal worries trouble you, please feel free to contact the Psychological Counselling by phone.

The Financing section of Students Affairs continues to process all BAföG applications and now accepts all required documentation electronically, preferably by email. You can contact the Accommodation Service by email and phone, too.

The Studierendenwerk has compiled this and other information on the page “Gut zu wissen in der Krise” (in German language).

Financial help in cases of emergency and special hardship is offered by the „Förderverein für in Not geratene Studierende“ (Association for Students in Need). All enrolled students of TU Darmstadt are entitled to apply for a one-time financial support which will be decided upon by the board of the association. Primarily, contributions to health insurance, rent and the semester fee are covered.

The Zentrale Studienberatung und -orientierung (ZSB) (Central Service for Student Advisory and Orientation) will continue to be available for advice on all questions that arise in the current situation regarding studies.

The Studying with Child Service and the Family Service with their counselling and support services are still open and available for students with children.

2020 university elections are postponed until further notice. More information on the pages of the Directorate VII – Human Resources & Legal Affairs.

This concept is updated continuously (updated 28 May 2020). For more information refer to to the website of directorate IV – Real Estate.

In the current situation you have many questions and would like to have a lot of information: International students will find answers and contact persons on the website of the Directorate of International Affairs.

The TU Darmstadt is lifting all remaining restrictions on Internet access in the dormitories connected via the university or the city network manda until further notice. This is intended to enable residents to access online learning opportunities and information for their studies without restriction.

Communication networks and the maintenance of critical and important communication channels are of utmost importance at the moment. Therefore, we urgently ask for a responsible use of these extended possibilities.

Any still outstanding written exams from winter semester 2019/20 will take place starting 15 May until probably mid-July. We will ensure that the currently applicable hygiene and distancing rules are carefully observed. Planning for exam dates and places is being updated continuously. Please check TUCaN regularly for updates regarding the exams you registered for. Should you not find any exam entries, please contact your Office for Student Affairs.

It will be possible to conduct in-person one-by-one oral exams (no group exams) again starting 1 June 2020 and currently until 18 July 2020. This includes doctoral exams with the possibility of external members of the examination board to participate electronically. For all of these events, the rules of the hygiene plan apply and must be ensured by the examiners. At the same time conducting exams via video-conferencing will still be possible and should be preferred provided all parties involved agree.

The regulations for withdrawal apply as for any other exams.

By exception, an additional oral exam (mEP – third and final attempt following a failed written exam) can be carried out in person. This requires an application by the student, the consent of the examiners and strict adherence to applicable hygiene regulations.

For all students studying to be teachers in Hesse, the oral examinations in the First State Examination are discontinued until further notice. This has been announced by the Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie (Hessian Academy of Teachers).

Further information for students applying to be teachers can be found on the website of the Zentrum für Lehrerbildung (Centre for Teacher Education).

For all members and guests

Information and regulations for all university members and guests can be found on the overview page on Corona.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, please visit the website of Directorate II.

For scheduled examination dates and times, the respective buildings will be open. Access to large buildings, i.e. L2|03, L5|01, S1|01, S1|03, L4|02 and S3|06 is limited to specific doors that are marked accordingly.

You can find more information about the exam under Corona conditions on the page of the Directorate II.

No, it is not possible to do that for reasons of equality. Furthermore, all oral exams have been postponed as well. In addition, we do not have the capacity to orally examine all students individually.

The “Anmeldung zur mündlichen Ergänzungsprüfung” form to apply for an additional oral exam can be emailed as a scanned copy to the Office for Student Affairs.

There will be no additional oral exams before 20 April 2020. This is past the current deadline. The deadlines will be extended by the chairperson of the examination board, as the expiration is not caused by the examinee.

Should you feel sick and to protect others, please do not take the exam but withdraw from it. Withdrawing from an exam for health reasons is possible by e-mail, just send it to your Office for Student Affairs. Submitting a medical certificate is not required by way of exception until July 18th.

Please check the examination details on TUCaN regarding (de)registration deadlines for specific exams.

The rescheduling is completed. You can see the specific examination dates and times on your TUCaN portal. Should you experience any problems when trying to register for your exams, please advise your Office for Student Affairs.

There is no general rule regarding extension of deadlines. If necessary and in justifiable cases only, you need to apply for an extension as usual with the examination board. The examination board will check and decide about the applications. Reasons for extension may be health issues or other issues such as impeded access to technical literature (§ 23 (5) APB (Allgemeine Prüfungsbestimmungen [general examination terms]) of TU Darmstadt).

Should the current situation jeopardise the completion of your thesis, please send an application in accordance with § 23 (6) APB to the Office for Student Affairs. In this form, you may apply for returning the thesis even if half of the completion time has passed already.

In accordance with § 23 (5) APB (Allgemeine Prüfungsbestimmungen [general examination terms]) of TU Darmstadt, an extension by half of the regular completion time and no more than 13 weeks will be possible. Should the current situation jeopardise the completion of your thesis, please send an application in accordance with § 23 (6) APB to the Office for Student Affairs. Applying for the exceptional return of the thesis even though half of the completion time has passed already will be possible.

This will be possible in exceptional cases only and will be decided by the examiner or the examination board.

This is currently possible as an exception. The examinee has no claim to this exception. These cases must meet a number of conditions: Upon your request, the examiner decides whether an oral exam cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic may be taken via video conference. Both you and the respective examiner must agree mutually on the chosen digital format. In case of a video-conferenced exam, you must be visible in the real-time live image and you must present your ID and your student card. All examiners, including as necessary co-examiners and/or observers and the person writing the examiners report will be present at this video-conferenced oral exam. At the start of the exam, you must confirm that you are the only person in the room and that no auxiliary aids are present. At the end of the examination date, you will be informed orally of the result and grade during the video conference. Should the connection break down for technical reasons, the exam gets the status “cancelled”.

Already registered and ongoing experimental Bachelor’s or Master’s theses can be finished in agreement with their respective supervisor.

Yes, the application deadline is set to 20 August 2020. An overview of deadlines for all degree programmes at TU Darmstadt can be found on the application deadlines website (in German).

Yes, the application process is already underway for many courses of study. An overview of the application deadlines for all courses of study at TU Darmstadt can be found on the following page.

Yes. Applications for a semester on leave can be send by email to . Any necessary proofs can be attached to this email as scanned copies.