Testing strategy of TU Darmstadt

At TU Darmstadt, the below-mentioned testing strategy regarding the coronavirus pandemic applies:

At all places of work of the university, the 3G principle is compulsory: Only employees and staff who are vaccinated, recovered or tested may access their workplaces on site. As of October 2021, courses, examinations and other events have only been open for participation in person on site with negative proof.

Employees and staff who work (partially) on site at their workplaces at the university must provide proof of vaccination, recovery or same-day negative testing. The respective superiors must have their employees and staff provide negative proof and must check and document this regularly. Click here for more information on how to organise (opens in new tab) and document these checks (opens in new tab).

Please note the Hygiene and infection control concept 1.12 (for all members and guests of TU Darmstadt) and the Instructions and guidelines (for employees and staff).

Obligation to test for unvaccinated employees and staff

Unvaccinated employees and staff who have justifiable reasons for working on site must provide negative proof based on a documented antigen test result no older than 24 hours from an authorised testing service. Testing centres offering free-of charge testing are available on Campus Stadtmitte and Campus Lichtwiese, for instance. A negative test result based on a PCR test no older than 48 hours can be presented as proof; however, these tests are not offered free of charge.

Recommendation to self-test for all employees and staff

Independent of the regulations mentioned above, TU Darmstadt provides all employees and staff with free-of-charge self-test kits. Please make use of these self-test kits! The test kits will be made available to the departmental offices and the head offices of the central services and directorates where they will be distributed as necessary. If you are vaccinated or recovered, please voluntarily self-test at least twice a week. Refer to Testing despite vaccination (in German) and Encouraging employees and staff to test (in German).

Testing positive?

Employees and staff are required to go home immediately in case of a positive test result. They are also required to inform the Health at TU Darmstadt support team (Gesundheit) and to have a PCR test carried out. Please observe the Guide for employees, staff and students in case of a COVID-19 infection.

Testing options for students

Implementing the 3G rule (vaccinated, tested, recovered) in courses involves a negative proof. This negative proof can be:

  1. Proof of vaccination as defined in Section 2(3) SchAusnahmV (COVID-19-Schutzmaßnahmen-Ausnahmenverordnung – COVID-19 protective measures – regulation of exceptions);
  2. Proof of recovery as defined in Section 2(5) SchAusnahmV;
  3. Proof of negative testing based on a PRC test no older than 48 hours or an antigen test no older than 24 hours; free-of-charge antigen testing is available at the testing centres on Campus Stadtmitte and Campus Lichtwiese.