Deutschlandstipendium at TU Darmstadt

Apply now online till October 6 2023


Great opportunity: The Deutschlandstipendium offers students 300 euros per month, for at least one year and independent of BAföG. In addition, scholarship holders get in contact with representatives of industry and society and can start forming their own network.

Deutschlandstipendium an der TU Darmstadt: The application period for 2023 has started .

Good grades are not the only way to win a scholarship. Students who stand out through their commitment outside their studies have good chances, too.

From 11 September till October 6, 2023 all students at TU Darmstadt can apply online via the Deutschlandstipendium website . During application period, a link to the application form will be activated. It takes a maximum of ten minutes to fill out the form.

Learn more about the application process

All information about the Deutschlandstipendium and the two-stage application procedure can be found on the Deutschlandstipendium website . Please send any questions regarding the Deutschlandstipendium to

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