Archive of hoch³ FORSCHEN – science quarterly

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 3/2020


    What train passengers want to know


    Computer science meets peace and conflict research


    Curbing multi-resistant germs


    A race against the large code breakers

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 2/2020

    Materials Science:

    Membranes against Corona viruses

    Political Sciences:

    A consistent change for the energy turnaround


    Stop-and-Go for photons

    Human Sciences:

    Movement researchers help robots onto their feet

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 1/2020

    Materials Science:

    Memory chips for the next computer generations

    Computer Science:

    Protection against attacks via side channels

    Technical Thermodynamics:

    Data streams from space

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 4/2019

    Political Science:

    Effective Climate Protection

    Quantum Optics:

    With Single Atoms to Quantum Technology


    The Levers of the European Central Bank

    Computer Science:

    Machine Learning Algorithms

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 3/2019

    Materials Science:

    Ceramics reveal their secrets

    Mechanical Engineering and Biology:

    Cell growth on bone implants

    Engineering and Natural Sciences:

    Complex biomarkers

    Stem Cell Biology:

    More precise diagnostics of the Coffin Siris syndrome

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 1/2019

    Energy systems and Power engineering

    Upgrade for climate protection

    Materials Science

    Electronic components in action


    City without barriers

    Mechanical engingeering:

    The road to the car with a true environmental profile

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 4/2018

    Biology and algorithms

    The virtual cancer patient


    Images of Masculinity in the Vegan Era

    Materials science

    Storing energy by water splitting

    Information technology

    Transactions via blockchains in real-time

  • hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 3/2018


    New materials with surprising ease

    Information science

    Fishing for substance on the internet digitally

    Wastewater technology

    The dangers of microplastic in waters


    Production of sexual attractants strengthens crop protection