Summary by Executive Board, from page 6

Academic Affairs, from page 16

Marrying tradition with modernity - Well positioned - Inspiring locations - Guests from the United States - Synthetic biology practically applied - For the schools of tomorrow - A completely different take on maths - Thorough research - Intensive survey - Reaching for the stars - Orientation for refugees keen to learn - Courses offered by TU Darmstadt

Research, from page 34

Research funding - Cognitive expertise - Peering into the universe - The digital day to day - Driverless vehicles - Environmentally friendly mobility - Researching flight - Bio-research highlights - Digital navigation for the fire service - Efficient building protection - Interview with Tobias Meckel - Excellence in equality - Top-Level Research

University research profile, from page 54

Over the next five years, TU Darmstadt’s research profile will consist of six profile areas, all of which will be characterised by nationally and internationally visible expertise and a high degree of thematicrelevance to society and industry.

Knowledge and technology transfer, from page 64

High-performance research region - Diverse groups - Focus on SMEs - Strong partner in Israel - On the same wavelength - Frozen and split water - Biochemists with entrepreneurial genes - Construction and transport

Life on campus, from page 76

For the next generation - A life of music - International university groups - The mail has arrived - Going up against the competition

Awards, from page 88

Competence centre for cybersecurity - Jury unanimous - Interview with Paul Anastas - Double degree doctorate - Teaching excellence - To whom credit is due - Outstanding - Alumni and former staff members - The maximum - Truly magnificent volumes - Praise and prizes - Special achievements - Foundation Professorships

Progress Report 2015