Summary by Executive Board, from page 4

Academic Affairs, from page 14

Honest insight - Degree taster - Journey into the future of technology - Thoughts control machines - Exceptional "Argonaut"- Ten years of Mundus Urbano - Printing in the third dimension - Launching careers - Courses offered by TU Darmstadt - Facts and figures

Research, from page 30

Of neutron stars and supercomputers - Enzymes for green chemisty - Mathematics and computer science - United against organised hackers - Three questions for Thomas Weitin - Serving the environment - Three questions for Susanne Lackner - From the insect and plant kingdom - Critical urban infrastructure - Tiny structures - Buttons from a printing machine - Perfectly insulated - Optimised technology - Top-Level Research

Focus on the young generation, from page 50

Cooperation and transfer, from page 60

Measuring heavy ions - Exciting matter - Tactile surgical robot - Applied cybersecurity - Researching transformation - Of cyber attacks and nanobodies - Perfect climate for start-ups - Global cooperation

Life on campus, from page 74

Buildings for the next decade - Karl Plagge House opended - Art and ability - Green meeting point - Changing the world, just like that - Facts and figures

Awards, from page 86

Honorary doctorate for Francesco Iachello - Positive signals from Brussels - Sponsor's motives - Presentable qualifications - Discovered after all this time - Humanitarian sign - Best choice - 450 years of storing knowledge Facts and figures

Progress Report 2017