Research and Career Opportunities at TU Darmstadt

Application deadline November 15th, 2019

2019/10/04 by

A postdoc is the next step after the doctorate and thus the next step in your academic career. To offer the best possible support for young researchers on their academic path, TU Darmstadt has implemented Postdoc Career Programmes, which meet the particular challenges of an early research career. Currently new calls are open: Career Bridging Grant and ´Future Talent´ Guest Stay are tailored especially for advanced international Phds and young international Postdocs.

Career Bridging Grant closes financial gaps between two career steps for candidates currently working at or aiming to work at TU Darmstadt. It provides short-term financial support for highly qualified candidates, who apply for funding with good prospects of success. The Career Bridging Grant secures financial support during the application process and thus facilitates a smooth transition to the next career step. Application form B targets incoming international postdocs from external institutions, who prepare a proposal for individual third-party funding for a postdoctoral position at TU Darmstadt. It is assumed that the proposal will be written at a department of TU Darmstadt.

‘Future Talents’ Guest Stay is guided by the understanding that the decision for a postdoc and an academic career is a deliberate choice. Therefore, the programme offers a chance to convince yourself of the excellent research conditions at TU Darmstadt on-site. Your ´Future Talent´ Guest Stay can last from a few days to max. six weeks. The programme aims at mutual acquaintance of the postdoc and the host professor and at exploring possibilities of cooperation (joint research project, publication, etc.) as well as longer-term perspectives at TU Darmstadt.