Advantages of additive manufacturing

Research results in “Advanced Functional Materials”


Additive Manufacturing (AM) of high performance permanent magnets becomes increasingly attractive as it enables many new applications where complex components with tailored magnetic flux density distribution are employed. The latest research results from a team at TU Darmstadt have just been published in the journal “Advanced Functional Materials”.

The scientific staff within the QuamM project, which is funded by the TU Forum interdisziplinäre Forschung: (from left to right) Kilian Schäfer (Functional Materials), Jana Harbig, Holger Merschroth (both Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools), Jianing Liu (Functional Materials).

Additive manufacturing (AM) of high performance permanent magnets is a major research focus of the Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio “Hysteresis design of magnetic materials for efficient energy conversion“ (CRC/TRR 270, funded by the German Research Foundation) and led to a recent publication in the journal Advanced Functional Materials in a cooperative effort of the TU Darmstadt Functional Materials Group with the Fraunhofer IWKS and the Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools at TU Darmstadt.

The scientists demonstrated that Pr-Fe-Cu-B alloy design and AM process control lead to high magnetic coercivity due to a novel and unconventional microstructure compared to sintered or hot deformed Nd-Fe-B magnets.

The collaboration across the Material Science and Mechanical Engineering departments was enabled by TU Darmstadt internal FiF (Forum interdisziplinäre Forschung der TU Darmstadt) funding. Within the QuamM project (Qualifizierung magnetischer Materialien für die Additive Fertigung) the powder production, qualification and processing evaluation of functional magnetic materials by Laser-Powder-Bed-Fusion is targeted. The obtained results are important preliminary works for the planned AMC (Additive Manufacturing Centre) at TU Darmstadt.


Lukas Schäfer, Konstantin Skokov, Jianing Liu, Fernando Maccari, Tobias Braun, Stefan Riegg, Iliya Radulov, Jürgen Gassmann, Holger Merschroth, Jana Harbig, Matthias Weigold, Oliver Gutfleisch: “Design and Qualification of Pr–Fe–Cu–B Alloys for the Additive Manufacturing of Permanent Magnets”, in: Advanced Functional Materials 2021, 2102148