Collaboration and Partnership Development in Cybersecurity

Meeting on Cybersecurity took place at the University of Texas at San Antonio

2022/05/23 by

At the invitation of the University of Texas at San Antonio`s (UTSA) Computer Science Department (College of Sciences), experts from UTSA and TU Darmstadt met on May 20 to discuss ongoing collaborative activities in the field of cybersecurity and to explore additional shared research areas of cooperation.

This opportunity was built upon an existing successful exchange of students and PhD candidates in the framework of various virtually conducted research projects. Furthermore, the interest in establishing and pursuing joint collaborative projects in teaching and research aligns with both universities` own research focus and interdisciplinarity.

Both institutions are also characterized by their excellent research conditions: TU Darmstadt is renowned as an international leading research center in the area of cybersecurity. Both UTSA and the city of San Antonio are an important hub for cybersecurity in the USA after Washington D. C. Moreover, UTSA is a strong research university (Carnegie R1) and is top-ranked for its undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of cybersecurity in the United States.

Representatives from the Computer Science Department, as well as experts from the Department of Information Systems and Cyber Security, and the leadership of the Global Initiatives` Unit participated in this productive meeting.

Prof. Dr. Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, head of the System Security Lab, represented the field of cybersecurity on behalf of TU Darmstadt. Ms. Enkhsaruul Brito attended the meeting as head of TU Darmstadt North America Office which is located on the UTSA`s main campus as of early May 2022.