A Tour through Europe’s Energy Research


Seven universities, seven perspectives on energy research and one forum with a single goal: to provide young researchers with a broad trans-European perspective of energy research and to train students in this multidisciplinary field at the same time. The Graduate School of Energy Science and Engineering (GSESE) at TU Darmstadt is organising a virtual forum together with UNITE! that is dedicated to energy sciences and energy. The forum starts on 4 November 2020 at TU Darmstadt. Further conferences will then be held every three weeks at the other UNITE! universities.

The aim of the UNITE!ENERGY forum is to look at major issues such as energy and the energy transition from a European perspective. During the seven conferences that will be solely held in virtual form via Zoom, the seven partner universities in UNITE! will present their current research on the theme of energy and actively seek to exchange ideas with scientists and researchers from the other alliance partners. The forum also aims to help doctoral candidates develop European multicultural expertise and a European awareness. In addition, the aim is to push forward cooperation on the theme of energy at the UNITE! partner universities.

The first event will be held at TU Darmstadt on 4 November 2020. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hasse, spokesperson for the GSESE, will first give a talk on how computational engineering can contribute to a sustainable hydrogen-based energy transition. Nina Strobel, a research scientist and head of a research group at the Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools, will then give a presentation on the ETA – Factory (Energy Technologies and Applications in Production). The event will be rounded off by a talk from Christopher Ripp, a doctoral candidate at the Energy Information Networks and Systems Lab, on his field of research as part of the “EnEff: Stadt Campus Lichtwiese. ” project.

The original idea for UNITE!ENERGY also comes from Darmstadt: Dr. Tanja Drobek from the Graduate School of Excellence Energy Science and Engineering and Louis Dressler, a doctoral candidate at the graduate school, developed the concept for the forum together, The series of events will help to network scientists working in the field of energy research with one another and will focus, in particular, on doctoral students. “A key objective of UNITE!Energy is also to give doctoral students a multidisciplinary insight into energy research, fully in keeping with the spirit of the Graduate School of Excellence in Darmstadt”, according to Dr. Tanja Drobek.

UNITE!Energy is primarily intended for young European scientists who are carrying out energy research. However, anybody who would like to gain an insight into European energy research is also welcome! The events will be announced online.

To participate in the kick-off event on 04.11.2020.