The research profile of TU Darmstadt

TU Darmstadt bundles its excellent and globally visible research in six profile areas. Research in the profile areas focuses on topics that are of high and lasting relevance for the economy and society.

The profile areas are highly interdisciplinary and always involve several departments, to adequately address the complex challenges of the future. The profile areas network strategically with other universities, non-university research institutions and selected industrial companies. They are important drivers of innovation and new research initiatives of the university. They adapt dynamically in the age of globalization and are in a process of continual strategic development.

Each of the six profile areas of TU Darmstadt is based on scientific networks, which are repeatedly successful in outstanding research programs and competitions with high subsidy amounts – for example in the context of the excellence strategy, through the recruitment of DFG Collaborative Research Centers and collaborative projects, and through ERC grant awards.

The interdisciplinarity implemented

Each professional area includes different specialities with varying degrees of involvement. The visualization shows exactly how.