Our Credo and Our Mandate

Our Credo and Our Mandate

Our Origins

• We have been an internationally-oriented university ever since our founding in 1877.

• Our pioneering achievements and our internationally recognized scholars have contributed to significant progress in many fields.

• We are the scientific and cultural heart of Darmstadt and a vital factor in the prosperity and progress of one of Europe’s most important urban regions.

Our Achievements

• We have built our worldwide reputation on education, research, and providing answers to crucial questions of the future.

• Our focus on technology — from the perspectives of engineering, the natural sciences, the humanities and the social sciences — ranges from basic research to applications for day-to-day life.

• A key factor in the university’s success is the fact that our students and scientists learn and conduct research together.

• We provide excellent training to prepare our graduates for the best opportunities.

• Our innovative power has earned the support of business, science, government and society. We collaborate with selected partners in all of these areas.

Our Aspirations

• Our goal is to be one of the top three universities of technology in Germany.

• We strive especially to provide international leadership in the increasingly important fields of energy and mobility, information and communications, and construction and housing.

• We aim to attract continually increasing funding in order to strengthen our profile and to continue to provide excellent services in the future.

Our Approach

• Our actions are governed by our sense of social responsibility to science and education.

• We are an autonomous university. Our responsibility and flexibility are the source of creative freedom and enthusiasm.