Cooking course for students!

Local, seasonal and healthy cooking


Student Health Management invites you to a unique, free cookery adventure!

Now that the days are getting longer and the temperatures warmer, it's the perfect opportunity to discover healthy and fresh recipes for the summer.

What can you expect?

Our online cookery course offers you the chance to explore the world of sustainable cooking with seasonal and regional ingredients. Together we will immerse ourselves in the art of creating tasty and budget-friendly dishes from fresh seasonal produce. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to create a varied and delicious menu.

Why should you take part?

Health: Learn how to prepare healthy meals that increase your well-being.

Sustainability: Discover how easy it is to protect the environment by using regional and seasonal ingredients.

Creativity: Expand your culinary repertoire and experiment with new recipes and flavours.

Budget-friendliness: Find out how you can conjure up delicious dishes with little effort that are easy on your wallet.

Community: Meet other students, exchange ideas and have fun cooking together.

How does the course work?

Our cookery course is designed so that you can follow it from the comfort of your own home. Each course is designed to be interactive, with live demonstrations, step-by-step instructions and the opportunity to ask questions directly. You don't need any previous experience – beginners or advanced, all are welcome!

Why now?

Summer is the best time to try out fresh, colourful and nutritious dishes. And what could be better than learning new cooking skills in the relaxed atmosphere of the evening sun?

When exactly?

Wednesday, 03.07.2024

17:30 – 19:00

Sign up and be there!

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this culinary journey. We look forward to cooking with you, learning and enjoying the summer in the most delicious way.

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This is an online course via Zoom. We will send you the recipes and the shopping list in advance by e-mail with the access data and the Zoom link. Our cooperation partner:in FOODTHINKING has put together a great recipe, which we will cook together with you step by step at home.

Completely free of charge. I couldn't believe it! I absolutely recommend it!

Malte, S. (Student)