GK Doctoral Symposium “Perspectives on Learning”


The Technical University Darmstadt and its Centre for Cognitive Science hosted the 2nd GK Doctoral Symposium, from the 6th to the 8th of April, 2022.

Cognitive Science as an interdisciplinary research field is encompassing many subdisciplines and requires already a communication, that is highly aware of the different backgrounds. Above this, it remains (increasingly) important to also properly communicate research and latest findings to the broader public. Thus, the focus of this year’s Doctoral Symposium was not just on an exchange of research connected to “Perspectives on Learning”, but also on what science communication should be about and best practices for this.

Overall, we welcomed 37 doctoral students from 14 different institutions across Germany and Austria, presenting their work on topics such as cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence and education.

What is the “GK Doctoral Symposium”

The German Society for Cognitive Science (Gesellschaft für Kognitionswissenschaft – GK) supports a bi-annual meeting for young researchers in cognitive science. Hereby, doctoral researchers from all fields of cognitive science are invited to several days of presentations, discussions and hands-on sessions to promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas from different perspectives within the field.

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Some impressions of the conference