Centre for Cognitive Science at TU Darmstadt

Establishing cognitive science at the Technische Universität Darmstadt is a long-term commitment across multiple departments (see Members to get an impression on the interdisciplinary of the supporting groups and departments). The TU offers a strong foundation including several established top engineering groups in Germany, a prominent computer science department (which is among the top four in Germany), a psychology department emphasizing a natural science approach, a biology department emphasizing a systems approach, and a strong support of interdisciplinarity throughout the university.

The Core Members form our specific scientific approach and turn the Centre for Cognitive Science into a highly attractive research environment for computational cognitive science and for developing cognitive systems.


  • 2018/09/03

    KogWis 2018

    14th Biannual Conference of the German Cognitive Science Society

    KogWis 2018 invites submissions of extended abstracts on current work on cognitive science. Generally all topics related to cognitive science are welcome. Contributions that address the focus of this meeting, that is, computational cognitive science are particularly encouraged. Submissions will be sorted by topic and paradigms and will be independently reviewed. Notifications of acceptance will depend on the novelty of the research, the significance of the results, and the presentation of the work.

  • 2018/05/15

    Humans learn to blink strategically

    hoch3, Mai 2018, Seite 19

    Eye blinks serve the purpose of maintaining healthy vision but during a blink visual information processing is interrupted. While a multitude of medical, cognitive, and psychological factors have been shown to influence blinking, the present study establishes quantitatively how human blinking behavior is dynamically adapted to environmental task demands.