Symposium “Explaining adaptive vision"

From world statistics to learning and transfer


The Centre for Cognitive Science hosted the symposium “Explaining adaptive vision” on 8 December 2022 with an international line-up of speakers.

The event was funded by the Hessian State Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts and supported by “WhiteBox” and “TAM – The Adaptive Mind”.

In total, we welcomed more than 40 participants in a hybrid setting with speakers and guests on site and further participants online.


  • Stefan Roth, Technical University of Darmstadt: Explainable deep networks for computer vision.
  • William J. Harrison, University of Queensland: The influence of natural image statistics on neural encoding, perception, and meta-cognition.
  • C. Shawn Green, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Overcoming the “Curse of Specificity” in Behavioral Training: Transfer and Learning to Learn.
  • Angela Yu, Technical University of Darmstadt:: Computational Modeling of Human Face Perception.
  • Peter Bex, Northeastern University, Boston, MA. Psychophysics: from laboratory to clinic.

Speakers and Host