Increasing the efficiency of electrical energy systems often leads to an increase in the number of power electronic devices in the system. Examples of such equipment are frequency converters for variable-speed electric drives or lighting systems based on energy-saving lamps or LEDs. This means that the voltage quality in the electrical network must be monitored. The reason for this is the non-linearity of the equipment, which can lead to a strong deviation of the mains voltage and current from the sinusoidal shape desired for energy transmission. The result is increased system losses or malfunctions of sensitive equipment.

Power Quality Monitoring within the electrical grid of the Campus Lichtwiese

Based on monitoring data and simulations, concepts will be developed which will guarantee the voltage quality for the intended network expansion of the campus in the direction of a “green campus”.

The core of the investigations is the Power Quality Monitoring System, which will be set up in the campus network. At the medium-voltage level of the electrical grid and at the low-voltage level of large-scale consumers interesting for power quality investigations, network analysers will be installed to collect data on a permanent basis.

These data will be used, on the one hand, to investigate the voltage quality and, on the other, to determine the voltage dependence of the electrical load on the campus Lichtwiese. The knowledge about the latter should be used for a better utilization of the voltage band and thus enable a loss-optimized and more reliable operation of the electrical network.

Furthermore, the high baseload of the campus will be investigated in detail with the help of the implemented monitoring system. The aim is to justify the significant difference between base load and peak load of the individual campus sections and to derive energy efficiency measures from this knowledge.


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