Carbon Neutral Circles

We are researching hydrogen and metals as energy storage for climate-neutral energy cycles, so that climate-neutrality will be realised soon.

New technologies are key to the success of energy transition: In order to store and transport renewable energy in large quantities and over longer periods of time, chemical energy sources that can be integrated into a CO2-neutral circular energy economy are necessary. In addition to hydrogen and e-fuels, metals are particularly suitable to the task.

In the profile topic Carbon-Neutral Circles, these innovative storage materials and their use for future-oriented energy cycles are being researched. We cover a wide range of topics, from the fundamental level of chemical reactions to the science-based development of processes, the realisation of demonstrators, and the testing of pilot systems.

It is important to us that these innovative energy cycles are based on forward-looking energy storage systems and that they incur the lowest possible social and environmental costs.

This profile topic makes important contributions to forward-looking energy cycles in order to safely meet the demand for renewable energy in all areas of application, e.g. in buildings, for mobility and industry—simply and independently of production.

Coordinators of the Profile Topic

  Name Institute/Research Group Contact
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hasse
Coordinator Carbon Neutral Circles
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Simulation of reactive Thermo-Fluid Systems
Prof. Dr. Andreas Dreizler
Coordinator Carbon Neutral Circles
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Reactive Flows and Diagnostics