Integrated Energy Systems

We are researching intelligent energy systems of the future in which electricity, heat, and mobility are tied together, so that sustainable energy supply is ensured constantly and universally, even in the event of volatile demand.

The climate-neutral energy supply from renewable sources can succeed if the energy sectors' electricity, heat, and mobility are closely linked.

The challenge is to optimise coordination of generation, transport, and storage of various forms of energy with the diverse needs of industry, commerce, transport, and private households to enable an efficient, safe, and sustainable energy supply.

To this end, the profile topic Integrated Energy Systems is researching methods for the intelligent conception and optimal operation of these integrated energy systems, while developing political and economic strategies for their implementation.

This profile topic is thus making significant contributions to intelligent and sustainable energy supply in integrated energy systems of all sizes – from the (supra)national level to local quarters, or complex individual components such as building-integrated heat storage systems.

Coordinators of the Profile Topic

  Name Institute/Research Group Contact
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Griepentrog
Coordinator Integrated Energy Systems
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Power Electronics and Control of Drives
Prof. Dr. Michèle Knodt
Coordinator Integrated Energy Systems
Department of History and Social Sciences, Comparative Politics and European Integration