Scalable Clean Water Cycles

We are researching solutions which enable sustainable management of our water resources so that water is available to all in good quality and sufficient quantity, even in times of climate change.

Climate change, population growth, rural exodus, pollution—all these developments are exacerbating water scarcity worldwide. Sustainable water management and intelligent strategies for water reuse is therefore becoming increasingly important in order to ensure access in the future to the vital resource water in reliable quality and necessary quantity.

The profile topic Scalable Clean Water Cycles takes a holistic approach – from the molecular level to complex river basins, from analyses and assessments of the inputs of pollutants and germs to hydrogeochemical environmental processes and even to new technologies for resource recovery. In doing so, technological and socio-economic issues are linked, and systemic solutions are holistically developed and made feasible.

The profile topic Scalable Clean Water Cycles is thus making crucial contributions to ensuring the water supply under difficult conditions by utilising new approaches and solutions to make it crisis-proof.

Coordinators of the Profile Topic

  Name Institute/Research Group Contact
Prof. Dr. Susanne Lackner
Coordinator Scalable Clean Water Cycles
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institute IWAR, Water and Environmental Biotechnology
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schüth
Coordinator Scalable Clean Water Cycles
Materials- and Geosciences, Hydrogeology