HUMVIB – HUMan structure interaction and gait adaption during locomotion on VIBrating structures

Bridging the gap between Biomechanics and Structural Mechanics, HUMVIB is an interdisciplinary project between TU Darmstadt's Locomotion Laboratory and the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design, which is supported by the German Research Foundation DFG (project number 446124066). In HUMVIB we investigate human structure interaction models and biomechanical gait models using the expertise from both research fields.

In recent years, the field of human structure interaction has experienced vast amounts of research. Most of these research focused on improved load models to account for the public desire for lightweight and elegant footbridges. However it is hitherto not fully understood how walking over such a structure affect the human gait and how this changed gait affects the structure.

In HUMVIB we plan to investigate these topics. The cooperation of both the Lauflabor Locomotion Laboratory and the Institute for Structural Mechanics and Design creates the unique opportunity to look deep into each research field while also accounting for the interaction between them. To investigate human structure interaction in a real life environment, the team has a full scaled experimental bridge at its disposal. This allows us to take measurements in a very realistic environment. We expect stunning insights into the interaction between the structure and the human.