The intended start of the PhD positions is May 1st, 2022. Applications are welcome and will be considered until all positions have been filled.


  • In your 500 words research statement please focus specifically on why you are interested in a specific research topic and in working in our graduate school and what qualifies you for this.
  • Make sure to connect to one or more specific LokoAssist research topics in your research statement.
  • Please understand that a research statement is not a cover letter but is a determining factor whether we interview you.
  • Your CV, your grade sheets and your degrees should be in one PDF file. In Germany, you are allowed to add a photo to your CV. We like it if you add one as a future student/PostDoc is a person not a job. Please ensure that your PDFs do not exceed 500k each.
  • Only complete applications through this online system will be considered.