GaN based Gunn Diode – Projects – Pioneer Fund – Technische Universität Darmstadt

Galliumnitride-based Gunn Diodes for active imaging scanners

In many applications in the field of sensor and imaging technologies small Terahertz (THz)-radiation sources are required to emit stable in frequency narrowband electromagnetic radiation. For the envisaged frequency range between 100 GHz to 700 GHz there are presently no cost-effective, compact and narrow-band THz sources with high output power available.

Kick-Off Meeting
Project Kick-Off 2017. Persons from left to right: M.Sc. Ahid Hajo (project team), M.Sc. Robert Heitzmann (Innovation Manager of TU Darmstadt, Pioneer Fund), PD Dr.-Ing. Oktay Yilmazoglu (head of project), Dr.-Ing. Shihab Al-Daffaie (project team)

The THz sources based on the new GaN Gunn Diodes will fill this gap and help the THz-radiation to become a breakthrough technology especially for the following spectroscopic and imaging applications:

Non-destructive material testing

Industrial process-monitoring

THz scanners for medical applications

Food quality control

Gas and molecular sensors

Within the Pioneer Fund Project an important step towards a marketable THz-source based on GaN Gunn Diodes will be made. A prototype with integrated antenna will be aimed at to increase the interest of companies and investors to facilitate further funding from industry and turn this technology into a marketable product.