Student jobs and internships

Valuable work experience during your studies

Whether you start your career with a permanent position or want to set up your own business: practical experience during your studies is indispensable for your later career entry. Find tips and contacts for your questions here.

Through practical experience you gain more than just money, namely

  • personal impressions of occupational fields and industries,
  • a better assessment of your strengths and inclinations, and
  • a high level of attractiveness for employers.

With qualified activities that are closely related to your studies, you significantly improve your later career prospects. An internship during your studies is therefore almost a must-have. Qualified part-time jobs provide relevant work experience and adequate pay, which is especially important if you finance your studies yourself and have little time for internships.

Temporary jobs can be a start on your path: By working as a waiter, for example, you can prove how reliable and resilient you are and what social skills you have. These qualities will help you when applying for further stations in your CV.

Peer-to-peer counselling ─ by students for students

The ComeTOgether office in the Studierendenwerk provides support

  • with the search for part-time jobs and internships, the application process, questions about work permits and labour law, and much more.
  • Mon – Thurs from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • by phone: 06151 16 – 29782
    by email: