Make contacts and multiply your career opportunities

Networking not only enriches your private life, but also helps you access the job market and develop professionally. Contacts with people who are already one step further in life are extremely valuable. This is because employers prefer to fill vacancies through their own network: employees, employee recommendations or (former) interns.

Committed networkers

  • are happy to share their own experiences,
  • show exciting perspectives,
  • open doors …

… and because their network experiences them as attentive, committed and competent people, they in turn are recommended for exciting tasks.

One recommendation to get started is to actively use a professional or sector network as well as an overarching network to think outside the box (e.g. through involvement in a university group).

Things work better together

Portrait of a scholarship tandem. The Deutschlandstipendium brought student Kim Kraus and donor Sabine Kopp together. Over the past year, they have experienced that they are connected by far more than a mere movement on their bank account. Rather, they both find their encounter personally enriching.

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