AG Forschungsdaten

The TU Darmstadt Research Data Working Group advises the VP for Scientific Infrastructure and Digitisation on all issues related to research data management at TU Darmstadt. The WG meets regularly under the chairmanship of the VP, discusses current and future developments and makes appropriate recommendations.

The members of the working group represent all departments of the TU as well as the central institutions ULB, HRZ and Dec. VI.

Members (as of August 2021)

Organisational unit Member Representatives
Presidium (Chair) VP Prof. Herbert De Gersem
ULB Prof. Thomas Stäcker Gerald Jagusch
Dr. Marc Fuhrmans
HRZ Dr. Andreas Schönfeld
Verena Anthofer
FB 1 Prof. Alexander Kock Dr. Mareike Egnolff
FB 2 Dr. Sabine Bartsch Prof. Andrea Rapp
Prof. Marek Fuchs
Prof. Petra Gehring
FB 3 Prof. Josef Wiemeyer Prof. Felix Kühnle
FB 4 Prof. Marc Pfetsch
FB 5 Prof. Robert Roth Prof. Norbert Pietralla
Dr. Stefan Typel
FB 7 Prof. Michael Reggelin Prof. Gerd Buntkowski
Dr.-Ing. Sabine Minol
PD Dr. Stefan Immel
FB 10 Prof. Alexander Löwer Prof. Cristina Cardoso
FB 11 Prof. Clemens Müller
FB 13 PD Dr. Peter Mewis Dr. Kaja Boxheimer
FB 15 Prof. Oliver Teßmann Anton Savov
FB 16 Prof. Peter Pelz Prof. Andreas Dreizler
Dr. Benjamin Lambie
Jürgen Hofferer
Nils Preuß
FB 18 Dr. Roland Steck Karl Ulrich Saß
FB 20 Dr. Wolfgang Heenes Prof. Dr. Felix Wolf
Dez. VI – Forschung und Transfer Dr.-Ing. Christoph Rensing

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