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hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 1/2017
hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 1/2017

in the current issue of hoch³ FORSCHEN – the science quarterly – you´ll find the following topics:

Pieces of Cosmic Puzzles
Researchers at TU Darmstadt are proposing geopolymers as an alternative to cement. These mineral binders are not only more environmentally friendly, they are also more resistant to chemicals and high temperature.

Eavesdrop resistant into the future
The TLS 1.3 protocol will provide the Internet with a new standard for encrypted communications. Led by Professor Marc Fischlin, a team of researchers at the TU Darmstadt collaborated in the analysis of the protocol and tested its cryptographic processes. These are more efficient and less error prone, but are they future proof?

Clean carbon capture technology
In the course of Project SCARLET, scientists at the TU Darmstadt have succeeded in developing the so-called Carbonate Looping process for the reduction of CO2 emissions during power plant operations almost to the point of market readiness.

Imprinting with diamonds
Materials scientists at the TU Darmstadt are imprinting nano-patterns in metals, a technology that could give metallic surfaces permanent functionality, like a lotus effect or reduced frictional properties.

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