WhiteBox: 45 minutes of science in political dialogue


The ProLOEWE network of LOEWE research clusters gives members of the state parliament in Hesse an insight into research in their state. Under the title “Hessen's cutting-edge research in 45 minutes”, interested members of parliament can enter into direct dialogue with researchers from individual LOEWE research projects.

On 07.12.2023, the topic was “AI – more human than expected?”. Constantin Rothkopf and Kristian Kersting represented the LOEWE research cluster WhiteBox as spokespersons for the project.

WhiteBox aims to develop methods at the interface between cognitive science and AI research in order to better understand human and artificial intelligence. Rothkopf and Kersting presented the current state of research on explainable models for human and artificial intelligence. With their expertise, they were available to answer questions from political representatives in a stimulating discussion.