There are different possibilities how to commercialize scientific results. The exploitation of inventions and patents by licensing and sale enables the TU Darmstadt to generate financial returns. In coordination with the scientists the Unit VI C: Technology Transfer develops individual commercialization strategies to achieve the best possible commercialization outcome.

Commercialization partners

Concerning the commercialization of our scientific technologies TU Darmstadt is constantly searching for interested exploitation partners. The technology offers show you current and diverse technologies. An important aim of the exploitation is the further development and implementation of the technologies into application-orientated products and services. For requests please get in touch with the contact persons indicated in the sidebar.

You find further information on the aims of TU Darmstadt in the Patent- and Exploitation Strategy document (in German) and the Guideline for the commercial exploitation of university intellectual property (in German).

Company search possibilities for inventors

Potential commercialization partners and company information can be found via the following data bases: