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Prospective students at the TU Darmstadt

Departments for prospective students

Interested in a particular academic department? In our overview, we have compiled a list with links to the Internet sites of each academic department which specifically address prospective students. Find information for pupils, schools and first year´s.

[to the academic departments] (german site)

Information events

Drop by, ask questions, collect information: The TU Darmstadt offers information events regularly. Whoever has concrete plans, will find interested conversational partners and others will even get inspired.

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Schoolgirls at the TU

So much for technology is a mans thing: Increasingly more schoolgirls are enthusiastic about engineering studies – also at the TU Darmstadt.

[to schoolgirls at the TU] (german site)

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Academic programs

There is something for everyone: The courses available at the TU Darmstadt are widespread amidst technical emphasis. It has appealing offers in engineering, natural sciences and human as well as social sciences.

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Application and Admission Procedures

Application made easier – an overview of data and facts about application and admission to study at TU Darmstadt. In case of difficulties, numerous counsellors offer their assistance in making an informed decision.

[to the Application and Admission Procedures]

Studying: From A to Z

Still have questions? Get a broad overview of details about studying and student life at TU Darmstadt.
[from A to Z] (german site)

Counseling centers

Questions allowed: numerous counsellors at the TU Darmstadt offer their assistance in case of questions or problems related to studying at the TU.

[to the counseling centers]

Studying abroad

Information about studying abroad, exchange studying at the TU Darmstadt and Application with international certificates.

[to studying abroad]

Campus Life

Whoever studies a lot needs some form of balance: Meet friends, do sports, pursue a hobby, engage in university associations and political groups… The TU Darmstadt offers students a variety of options and chances.[to campus life] (german site)