With the lecture “Building with Paper – FROM MATERIAL TO DESIGNING OF PAPER CONSTRUCTIONS”, the project group BAMP! approaches the students with the same challenges as in the project itself: interdisciplinarity! For example, engineers and architects work together with scientists in the context of exercises and the series of lectures on interdisciplinary questions. The event brings together students who work in groups with their respective specific backgrounds from different disciplines. From the first steps of getting to know each other, the understanding in the team and the identification of an individual working methodology, to the decisions in terms of content for the own work process and the model realization of applications, the competences to be learned are sufficient. You will get an insight into the work of the research group, you will be taken to different departments and their current research approaches and you will have a unique opportunity to get to know and help shape a product development process. Based on a concrete example of “Building with paper”, the lectures provide a basic overview of all aspects of the process chain – material selection and design, chemical functionalization, design and dimensioning of semi-finished products and components as well as the finished structure.

Course offerings Rota
Lecture series “Building with paper” Summer semester

Participation in the lectures is generally possible for students of all disciplines. Students of other disciplines are requested to inquire about the module recognition and the examination procedures in their module handbook or their examination secretariat or study office before the beginning of the lecture.

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