Lecture series "Building with paper"
Rota: Summer semester
Lecturers: Prof. Ariel Auslender, Prof. Markus Biesalski, Prof. Andreas Büter, Prof. Peter Groche, Prof. Stefan Kolling, Prof. Samuel Schabel, Prof. Jens Schneider
Credit points: 4 CP (civil engineering, chemistry and mechanical engineering), 5 CP (architecture)
Exam: Logging of the individual exercises, oral presentation

Event details

The course will consider the product creation process in an interdisciplinary approach. Based on an example of the topic “Building with paper”, lectures are given on all aspects of the process chain (material selection and design, chemical functionalization, design and dimensioning of semi-finished products and components as well as a finished structure).

The contents of the lectures are also deepened in interdisciplinary small groups by means of practical experiments and the results are presented as part of a final presentation as well as a demonstrator (haptic model).


Due to the number of departments and institutes involved, the number of participants is limited. A two-stage application procedure is required to participate in the event:

1.) The binding registration for the event will be made by registering in the participant lists, which are provided by the contact persons of the participating specialist areas / institutes mentioned on the reverse.

2.) Registration for the module, the course and the examination in TuCAN.

A direct registration considering the above steps is binding for participation in the event. If you are not registered in the institute lists (only via TuCAN), you can only participate in the event by means of a place of repatriation.