Prof. Eva-Maria Jakobs

Member of the Clean Circles Scientific Advisory Board

Professor for text linguistics and technical communication at RWTH Aachen / Director of the Human-Computer Interaction Center of RWTH Aachen

Working area(s)

Expert in language and communication studies


  • Communication of technologies
  • Technology perception and acceptance
  • Professional communication
  • Communicative usability of digital applications
  • Age and technology
since 2016 Member of the German National Academy of Engineering (acatech)
since 2013 Member of the steering committee and the scientific advisory board of BMBF Research Campus“The Flexible Networks of the Future” (FEN)
since 2014 Director of the Human-Computer Interaction Center, RWTH Aachen University
since 2010 IEEE member
2006–2008 Vice-president of the German Society for Applied Linguistics
2016 Visiting Professor (Swinburne University, Melbourne)
2014 Visiting Professor (University of Texas at Austin)
2008–2009 Director of the Human Technology Center (HumTec), RWTH Aachen University
since 2005 Director of the Institut für Industriekommunikation und Fachmedien (IIF) at RWTH AachenUniversity
since 1999 Professor of Text Linguistics and Technical Communication (RWTH Aachen University)
1996 Habilitation (Saarland University)