International environmental cooperation and renewable energy outcomes

Contribution to the 6th Global Conference on Economic Geography


On 8 June 2022, Nikas Scheidt presented results of his paper “International Environmental Cooperation and Renewable Energy Outcomes” at the 6th Global Conference on Economic Geography. Co-authors of the paper are Mile Mišić, Kai Schulze, Narek Mirzoyan, Jonathan Völkle, Ingrid Ott and Michèle Knodt.

Economic Geography provides a unique lens through which to address questions of territorial development, evolution, innovation, connection, disruption, displacement, and marginalisation. The field studies the geography of economic activities, developed from a focus on commercial activities and the exploitation of resources for economic gain. The focus includes sectors of economic activity and numerous specialties (E.J. Malecki, in International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2001).

The Global Conference on Economic Geography (GCEG) is the largest international conference dedicated to Economic Geography. The sixth edition of GCEG was held 7–10 June 2022 in Dublin with about 700 participants.

The conference addresses the changing nature of economic geographies from both theoretical and empirical perspectives from a variety of scales from the local to the trans-territorial and global. Papers from all areas of Economic Geography and cognate fields are welcome.

Nikas Scheidt is research associate in the Clean Circles project Innovation economics, which is led by Professor Ingrid Ott. The talk was held during the conference session “Environmental and Sustainability Economies/Geographies – Policy and Governance II”.

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