Girls' Day 2024 @ CCS


The Centre for Cognitive Science welcomed young pupils to its research facilities as part of Girls' Day, aimed at fostering curiosity and interest in cognitive science. The participants engaged in immersive sessions exploring various topics within the field.

Although the specific research paradigms are often complex, our fundamental questions are simple to convey: How do we see and understand our world? Where do we focus our attention? How do we find our way around our environment? We also wanted to show why these seemingly simple questions are not so easy to answer and to demonstrate the interesting aspects of our daily work.

The participants learned a little about the everyday life and career opportunities of a person trained in cognitive science. They were able to experience experiments that we use to understand how people perceive, think and act. For example, the students were able to experience visual illusions, have their eye movements measured, find out how we investigate how people find their way in an unfamiliar environment, burst soap bubbles in virtual reality and hit a target in virtual reality with real pucks.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to learn more about science and technology and great fun for all presenters. Perhaps we hosted some of our future researchers. We would love to welcome you back to start your studies at TU Darmstadt!

The event was organized by the Centre for Cognitive Science, largely carried out by colleagues from the research project The Adaptive Mind and further supported by WhiteBox and TU Darmstadt.