ECR Publication Fund

You are a doctoral candidate or postdoc and are preparing a scientific publication that is of high importance for your career development and opportunities? You want to produce an excellent manuscript, but the costs for printing, layout, graphics production, editing exceed your financial framework? You need financial support to publish at a high level in your discipline?

The ECR Publication Fund promotes the writing of high-ranked scientific contributions and supports doctoral candidates and postdocs at the TU in outstanding scientific publications according to the respective academic discipline. The fund explicitly takes into account the different publication cultures: For example, monographs may incur high printing and layout costs, while publications in high-ranked international journals may require costs for foreign-language editing.

Who can apply? Accepted doctoral candidates of TU Darmstadt as well as postdocs who are affiliated with the TU (as research associates or scholarship holders).

The applicant must be the main autor of the publication.

In any case, the application must refer to an English-language publication. Funding for the publication of the dissertation requires a dissertation grade of “summa cum laude” or “magna cum laude”.
What we offer A maximum of 3,000 Euros can be applied for per application. This funding amount can also be granted as a subsidy for a more expensive service.

Applicants may submit a maximum of two applications per qualification phase.

Applications for the ECR Publication Fund can refer to:
- proofreading
- layout design
- printing costs
- Open Access fees (if these cannot be covered by project funds or by TU Darmstadt Publishing Fund, which is managed by University and State Library (ULB))

Note: The ULB offers . Our colleagues will be happy to advise you on various aspects of your publication, such as open access, rights management and licenses, support and funding opportunities.

Please note: If your application for the ECR Publishing Fund relates to Open Access fees, a consultation by ULB is mandatory before submitting your application and the result of the consultation must be stated in the application form.
Please hand in (as one PDF file) - Application form (opens in new tab) with information on the planned publication etc. and a cost calculation
- CV or link to an informative website with CV in the application form
- Proof of affiliation to the TU Darmstadt (e.g. acceptance as doctoral candidate, supervision agreement, WiMi contract)
- If the application is related to the dissertation: Proof of the grade of the dissertation
- In case of Open Access publications: Proof that any fees incurred cannot be covered by project funds or via the TU Darmstadt Publishing Fund of the ULB.
How we select The application process is organized by TU Darmstadt. Applications are to be submitted to the Vice President for Academic Careers via Ingenium's Managing Director Dr. Bettina Wagner. The Vice President for Academic Careers decides on the funding.

The main selection criteria are:
- complete and convincing application
- importance and reputation of the journal/publisher/conference for the research area of the publication
Next steps You can hand in your application any time.

Please send your application electronically as one PDF file to Dr. Bettina Wagner ().