Energy and Environment – Information and Intelligence – Matter and Materials

At TU Darmstadt, we carry out research in three major fields transcending the boundaries of individual disciplines: Energy and Environment (E+E), Information and Intelligence (I+I) as well as Matter and Materials (M+M).


Cluster projects

TU Darmstadt is preparing full applications for its projects Reasonable Artificial Intelligence (RAI), The Adaptive Mind (TAM) and CoM2Life – and is thus applying for the Cluster of Excellence funding line.

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We provide pioneering and relevant discoveries and scientific solutions answering today’s unsolved questions while generating the ideas of tomorrow. We carry out in-depth, sustainable, excellent, transformative research that attracts inquisitive students, creative early-career researchers and excellent scientists from around the world. At TU Darmstadt, we solve basic research problems and implement scientific discoveries in technical and social processes.

In our Research Fields, we combine theory and experiment and address future challenges: digital intelligence and responsibility, environments worth living in and sustainable transformation as well as securing and generating resources.

Profile Topics

All our Research Fields live and breathe scientific excellence. Top scientists and their teams propel research forward by way of highly focussed and highly relevant research topics. These Profile Topic shape the academic reputation of Technical University of Darmstadt. They are characterised by highly attractive and successful collaborative projects.

Profile Topics of E+E

  • Carbon-Neutral Circles
  • Computational Engineering
  • Integrated Energy Systems
  • Scalable Clean Water Cycles
  • Thermo-Fluids and Interfacial Phenomena

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Profile Topics of I+I

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognitive Science
  • Complex Interconnected Systems
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy

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Profile Topics of M+M

  • Networks for Industry 4.0
  • Materials for Circularity
  • Nuclear Science
  • Synthetic Biology

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Picture: Hessen schafft Wissen / Jan Michael Hosan

Excellent minds

At the heart of everything are outstanding scientists.

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Third-Party Funding at Technical University of Darmstadt

External funding at TU Darmstadt broken down by source (percentage).

Development of Third-Party Funding

The long-term growth and the volume of third-party funding provide clear evidence of the research strength of TU Darmstadt. Annual third-party funding has more than doubled in the last ten years alone and has stabilised at a high level. Third-party funds are primarily obtained through competitive processes in which the scientists at TU Darmstadt repeatedly prove their capabilities and the outstanding position of the university in national and European competition.

Ensuring good scientific practice

TU Darmstadt attaches the highest importance to safeguarding good scientific practice. These are formulated in two statutes.

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Equal Opportunities in Research Networks

An overview over the activities and offers from research networks on the field of equal opportunities.

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Scientific Infrastructure

Excellent research and teaching succeed on the basis of a corresponding research and information infrastructure.

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