GCC Team


The Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design ISM+D and the Materials Testing Institute MPA-IfW of the TU Darmstadt both have strong competencies in the field of glass construction. A team of ca. 15 employees in both institutions focuses on research projects, applied industrial research, approval and licensing procedures, and production controls. The focus is on glass as a material and its applications in construction and architecture, automotive engineering and the consumer goods industry with the aim of synergetic linking of theory and experiments.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Schneider,
Head of GCC

Although glass is a comparatively old building material, there is still no end in sight at research level. With the Glass Competence Center at TU Darmstadt, we have the unique opportunity to directly link idea, theoretical principles and testing to generate innovative applications.

Head of participating institutes

  Name Working area(s) Contact
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Knaack
Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design – Chair of Façade Structures
+49 6151 16-23013
L5|06 615
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Schneider
Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design – Chair of Structural Analysis
+49 6151 16-23013
L5|06 620
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Oechsner
State Materials Testing Institute Darmstadt – Department and Institute of Materials Science
+49 6151 16-24900

Executive level

  Name Working area(s) Contact
Dr.-Ing. Peter Hof
Director - Testing Laboratory
+49 6151 16-25142
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Seel
Director - Research Glass
+49 6151 16-23015
Dr.-Ing. Miriam Schuster
Director - Research Polymers in Glass Construction
+49 6151 16-23014
L5|06 659