Ingenium – Young Researchers at TU Darmstadt is the umbrella organisation for promoting early career researchers.

Through a qualification programme as well as networking events and individual counselling, Ingenium promotes and qualifies early career researchers at TU Darmstadt for both academic and non-academic careers.

Individual Counselling

Ingenium offers postdocs Individual counselling with regard to the following concerns:

  • Competence profile
  • Career perspectives in science
  • Career perspectives outside of science
  • Funding


As a postdoc, you can participate in trainings offered in the general qualification programme. The programme offers workshops, courses and exercises for doctoral and postdoctoral candidates and is clustered into the following modules: time management, project management, communication and presentation, academic writing, acquisition of third party funding, leadership skills and career advice.

Specific Qualification Programme for Postdocs

To meet the particular challenges of a postdoc phase, Ingenium also offers a variety of workshops specifically tailored to postdocs.

Networking – Career – Information

The promotion of networking of early career researchers is an important goal of Ingenium. It includes the linking-up with the scientific community at TU Darmstadt and beyond, as well as with representatives from the industrial and economic sector.

An event programme offers science and career related information and networking events, introduces you to possible future employers and thus supports your career development.


To offer the best possible support for young researchers on their academic path, TU Darmstadt has implemented Postdoc Career Programmes, which meet the particular challenges of an early research career:

„Future Talents“ Postdoc Career Days: To attract the best young research talents worldwide and create a vibrant international scientific community, ‘Future Talents’ invites exceptional young researchers from abroad to visit TU Darmstadt and discover our broad range of research and career opportunities.

Career Bridging Grant: The Career Bridging Grant closes financial gaps between two career steps for candidates currently working at or aiming to work at TU Darmstadt. It provides short-term financial support for highly qualified candidates, who apply for funding with good prospects of success. The Career Bridging Grant secures financial support during the application process and thus facilitates a smooth transition to the next career step.

Ingenium Support Package: The package offers financial support in order to promote the networking and mobility of postdocs. Areas of support include the formation of research groups or networks, the organisation of conferences, family support and the organisation of special teaching and research formats.

Athene Young Investigator: The Athene Young Investigator programme encourages the independence of outstanding established researchers at our institution, who pursue an academic career as a professor: The right to supervise doctoral students and a discipline-specific budget will be assigned for a maximum of 5 years.

Ideas and Suggestions?

Are you missing a particular topic or event? Would you like to organise an event yourself? Please let know! We look forward to your suggestions.

Events for Postdocs