Services and Measures of the Information Security Department

Reporting an IT security incident

Report to:

Emergency call: +49 6151 16 27777

Report phishing mails to:

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cisOS – Central Information Security Operating System

All IT systems operated on and by TUDa must be recorded in cisOS, the central IP device database of TUDa-CERT. This data must be kept up to date by all IT operators and is the reference for taking measures and making contact, especially in the case of IT security incidents and suspected cases.

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Endpoint Protection (Antivirus): Sophos Central Intercept X

Information security at TU Darmstadt provides the Sophos Central Intercept X product for all TUDa employees to protect all official client devices and servers from malware. Automatic reports of incidents (virus attacks, suspicious files, etc.) are monitored by TUDa-CERT in the central console.

Sophos Cenral Intercept X replaces the previous solution Sophos Anti-Virus provided by the HRZ, which can no longer be used after 20.07.2023.

Further details on the use and operation of Sophos Central Intercept X.

For private use, employees and students of the TU Darmstadt can use Sophos Home free of charge. More information about Sophos Home

Please note: Sophos Home may only be installed on private devices. Sophos Central must be used on corporate devices of TU Darmstadt.

IT Security Communication via Matrix Chat

The primary communication platform for all matters relating to IT security is the TU Darmstadt internal matrix server.

Registration to this platform is mandatory for every person in charge of operating an IT system at TU Darmstadt and (decentralized) IT security officers to stay informed and we invite you to help shape IT security at TU Darmstadt.

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Information Security Policy Commenting

The Information Security Department of the TU Darmstadt provides a web tool for commenting on draft guidelines.

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Regular vulerability scans

The TUDa-CERT operates a Greenbone vulnerability scanner to regularly scan the IT systems of the TUDa to detect unnoticed vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

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Training for users

The human factor plays a significant role in IT security and is specifically exploited by attackers. Learn basic behaviors and concepts in one of our training courses to achieve IT security at your workplace.

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